What Mistakes Should You Avoid When Selling Your Home

  1. Overpricing it. The longer it sits on the market the less someone is willing to pay. This has been proven by the data.  Pricing high never works. 
  2. Not taking the time and effort to get your home looking its best before bringing it to the market.
  3. Hiring an inexperienced broker. I have a friend in the business. Does your friend sell 50 homes a year? If so great! If not move on. 
  4. Hiring a discount broker. You get what you pay for. 
  5. Pricing it with a cushion to negotiate
  1. Hiring the broker that gives you the highest price. The first rule as a seller is to always question the broker who comes in with a price 5%+ more than the others. Ask them to see the comparables and explain their thinking. Many times, the agent that comes in with a price that is much higher than the others is someone who is trying to buy the listing.  
  2. Not Interviewing Several Realtors. The Clear Choice Will Stand Out. 
  3. Not Hiring a Good Real Estate Attorney Is Worth Their Weight in Gold
  4. Decluttering is always worth the effort. The more floor space that can be seen the bigger your home will look.
  5. Not making the interior design appeal to the masses. Think neutral. 
  6. Not tidying up before each showing. This is the time to try and impress people.