Using Compass Digital Ads to Sell Listings for More

I’m excited to share a powerful strategy for increasing the sale price of your home: It’s called “Paid Targeted Digital Advertising.”

For some of you, this is nothing new. 

However, the real game-changer isn’t just the advertising itself but the precision and expertise with which Compass targets these ads,

Ensuring they reach the most buyers specifically interested in a home like yours. This is where the magic happens. 

So how exactly does Paid Digital Advertising boost the sale price of your home?

clear chart that illustrates the trend of increasing prices over time

Here’s how it works

A cornerstone of our marketing strategy for listings is our unmatched ability to target ads to specific audiences through paid social media advertising. Compass boasts the leading technology and marketing platform in the real estate industry. It should be, it cost $1B to develop it.

an image illustrating the concept of paid social media ad targeting

At the heart of Compass Digital Ads is a unique combination: the rich buyer data from, our skilled in-house professional marketing team, and cutting-edge AI optimization. This powerhouse trio not only increases ad visibility but also significantly boosts engagement.

Here’s how it unfolds:

We create compelling creative for your property, complete with a captivating AI-generated headline, drawing on insights from thousands of successful ads. We will use custom video tours of your property or editorial-quality images. But the real magic lies in the ad targeting capabilities powered by the Compass platform. 

Our approach is simple: The buyer for your property may come from down the block, across the nation or around the world. 

We target all of the above with our paid digital marketing strategy.

Because Compass operates nationally and attracts over 20 million unique visitors monthly—double that of our nearest competitor—we can retarget ads featuring your property to potential buyers nationwide who’ve shown interest in properties like yours, whether they’re in California or downtown Manhattan. Imagine someone who’s been eyeing Upper West Side Co-Ops under $3M; our ads will “follow” them across Google, Instagram, and Facebook, keeping your listing top of mind. 

Our targeting doesn’t stop there. We can also focus on potential buyers within specific geographic areas, even targeting Compass’s vast network of agents, past clients, and other contacts through our proprietary CRM. To make sure no stone is left unturned, we utilize lookalike audiences to reach buyers with similar interests and intentions, expanding our reach to the most relevant potential buyers lurking in the shadows. 

The results? A massive uptick in buyer traffic to our listings.

More eyes on your property means a higher likelihood of selling at the highest possible price. At our core we are part digital marketing experts and part realtors. Our success in selling over 750 NYC properties has been based on being able to create robust markets for all of our listings. The larger the market the more buyers who will potentially fall in love with it and pay your asking price (or more). 

So, when it’s time to sell, remember that not all digital marketing is equal. Reach out to our team at Compass, and let’s maximize your home’s visibility and sale price together.

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