Selling your apartment: The one mistake you should avoid.

Optimizing the Sale of your apartment: Avoid the Biggest Mistake a Seller Can Make.

Except for new development properties, every apartment is unique. Not just yours. This is why pricing real estate is more art than science. Price your property too high by leaning into the “my property is unique” strategy will end up putting your listing in a price category that will miss the likely buyer for it. Because of the higher price category, buyers will compare it to bigger and better options. Remember no one can tell how unique your property is from the listing photos. Price it too high, and they won’t come and see it in person, and you will be in for a long road ahead.

My job as a listing broker is not to predict the price your home will sell for Our goal is to create a market for your property. Pricing strategy is a key element of this. My job is to price your home at a level that will attract the most buyers and ultimately sell for the highest price the market will bear. We want buyers to not only look at it online but then decide to take action and come see it in person and bid on it.

Over the past 18 years and 700 sales what I know is that the market dictates the price not the seller and not the broker. Every single record-breaking sale we have been involved in over the past decade was because the apartment was priced low enough that it created a frenzy of buyer activity. Price it low, the market will never fail you.

The Columbia Vitolo Team was founded by Todd Vitolo and Susanne Columbia who are top real estate agents at Compass Real Estate in New York City.

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