Selling Can Be Hard. Let’s Change This.

I’m Todd Vitolo of the Columbia Vitolo Team at Compass.

Anyone who has sold their home in New York City before will be able to verify that selling Your Home or Apartment can be really frustrating. 

You have to spend weeks getting it looking its best, then you have to keep it looking its best on a days notice when buyers show up.

Even worse is not knowing when it is going to sell (or for how much) so you can make your future plans and move on. 

Is it going to sell in a week or 7 months? 

Should you price it below the comps, at the comps or above the comps? 

At the same time you are dealing with one of your largest investments typically where each mistake you make can be costly. 

This is where the Columbia Vitolo Team at Compass come in. We take the stress out of selling your property. We are one of the top real estate agent teams in Manhattan and can help you sell your house or apartment in Manhattan. 

With 37 years of experience selling real estate in Manhattan, we are listing specialists who have sold 700+ properties in our day. 

We have seen every mistake and then some and are here to guide you around those pitfalls. Our process for selling has been tested hundreds of times in the past and is constantly evolving. 

In fact, most of our clients have us manage the entire pre-listing process from decluttering, painting, having the windows washed, and staging. 

We have done thousands and thousands of buyer showings over the years and know how bring your property to the market priced right and looking its best. 

We have a completely in house professional marketing team that will cast the widest possible net to find the buyer who is willing to pay a premium for your home.  

When it comes time to think about selling call your local experts first. The Columbia Vitolo Team at Compass.  

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