What is a Buyers Agent

Your home is your biggest asset, and so much more. This is a process that’s not only about dollars and cents, its about loving where you live.

  • A local expert who knows about all properties currently on the market, all recent comparable sales, & everything coming soon.
  • Your advocate within the brokerage community.
  • Personal concierge to guide you through the process and capable of managing every detail, including preparing your purchase application, referring financing options, and finding anyone from a top real estate attorney to a great dog walker once you move in!
  • Fiduciary agent – we have the following duties to the buyer: reasonable care, loyalty, confidentiality, full disclosure, to deal honestly and in good faith.
  • Paid by the seller: through my membership in The Real Estate Board of New York, we have access not only to my listings, or my company’s listings, but every listing in the market. The price you pay is the same whether you use an agent or not. The only difference is the service you will receive.
  • An important thing to remember: In New York City far less properties sell per capita compared to the national average. The seller’s agent has a contractual fiduciary relationship with the seller. They may be a family member or family friend. Anything they say or do is to advance the seller’s best financial interests.