How We Work Together

An agent is bound by State Law to disclose and declare their Agency when having substantive conversations with potential buyers. That form is attached. This disclosure is not a contract, as your buyer’s agent, it’s a promise from me to you of the following:


A buyer’s agent must act in the interest of the buyer.


Any discussions, facts or information that should not be revealed to others. All financial disclosures kept in confidence We have helped many celebrities and top level executives. We’d tell you whom, but then we’d have to …

Accounting in Dealing

Reporting location of any money placed in the hand of the agent. All discussions involving money are to be 100% transparent with regards as to who gets what at all times.

Reasonable skill and care

In addition to market experience, agents are expected to have a heightened ear for anything and everything. This means not taking anything at face value, referring experts to certify anything that may be in doubt, and maintaining a professional and courteous deal environment.

Disclosure of all materials and facts

  • Examples of, but not limited to:
  • Seller’s financial condition
  • Anything that would affect the value of a property
  • Relationships between agent and other parties
  • Data-driven market analysis