How YouTube Advertising is Selling Our Listings for More

Q: What will you do to market my home?

A: Let’s talk about the power of YouTube ads

At our core, we are marketers. Our listing side business has flourished by being able to generate attention (specifically buyers and their agents). There are nearly 6,000 active listings on the market in Manhattan.

How does a seller stand out from the crowd? 

  • We believe marketing should be local, regional, national, and international. Again, when it comes to NYC real estate, we just don’t know where the buyer will come from. We target all of these areas.
  • How we are going to market your home is important, but it’s not as important as who we are going to market your home to. The buyer’s persona is an important consideration.

Let’s look at some specifics…

Case Study: How YouTube ads created 11,000 digital showings of our Soho listing and ultimately helped sell it for a record price.

With the specific targeting available on the Google ads platform on (YouTube) and the Compass-managed Instagram and Facebook ads, we are able to target:

1. Buyers who are “in market” for real estate and located in Manhattan.

2. Affinity groups interested in art, design, and architecture and shoppers for luxury goods.

3. Lookalike audiences that are similar to our existing customer base.

4. Remarketing the listing to NYC real estate brokers.

5. Users of who have expressed interest in similar properties.

These are just a few of the very specific targeting options that allow us to laser target likely buyers and, most importantly, drive traffic to your listing.

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