How Did We Get 100% of the Asking Price?

​How did we get this seller 100% of the asking price of this one-bedroom condo

Visual editing (the bottom image is before and the top is after). We took a half empty living room, had our digital interiors experts create a rendering showing what the space could become. Half the battle when it comes to marketing real estate is getting buyers through the front door. Seductive images help. Buyers tend to not have much vision and need to be shown the potential of a space.

​A smart pricing strategy. We priced the property just under the most recent comparable sales. Our goal was to convey value in a very crowded Murray Hill one bedroom market.

​Targeted marketing: with our compass in house marketing agency we crafted a paid instagram and facebook marketing campaign targeting all compass website users, and the surrounding zip codes. We then reached out to every broker that has sold in the building and in the neighborhood in the past 18 months.

bedroom condo

​While it certainly is glamorous selling shiny, expensive, new homes that cost millions of dollars, 47% of the NYC market is comprised of properties under $1M. Putting our decades of experience to work and getting this particular seller 100% of the asking price during a pandemic was one deal we are particularly proud of.

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