Compass Private Exclusives

Listing your home as a Compass Private Exclusive allows sellers in New York City several key benefits. When used as a complete marketing strategy it gives the benefit of collecting data and allowing your broker to dial in price, renovations, and marketing.

Private exclusives at Compass are a discreet approach to marketing exceptional luxury properties. By listing your property as a private exclusive sellers are given the opportunity to soft market their properties to a smaller group of buyers without the risk of adding up days on the market.

A Compass private exclusive listing is an off-market listing that can be shared by a Compass agent directly with other agents and their buyers. Property details aren’t disseminated widely and won’t appear on public home search websites. At any time during the private exclusive process, we can change directions and put the property on the public market without prejudice to the seller.

Our team recommends private exclusives to sellers who have a property that is especially unique and hard to value. By soft marketing the property and being able to share the listing with other top agents we can collect their feedback and determine if we are priced correctly. Similar in nature to what was once called a “pocket listing” but different in that we aim to find other brokers who may have an interested buyer.

Sometimes sellers are only interested in selling at a price that is considerably above the current comparables. Because the property is unique the comparables may not exist. By putting the listing out there to the brokerage community selectively we can gather feedback, offer showings, broker previews without having to worry about becoming a stale listing.

Some of the other benefits include the ability to discover any flaws that are perceived by the market before you put the property on the open market, allowing sellers the opportunity to fix these flaws and come to the market looking their best. Next, we can utilize FOMO (fear of missing out) to drive buyers to pay your price or risk being outbid once it goes live on the public market.

Private Exclusives are at their best a way of dialing in pre-market exposure and feedback without the risk of adding days on the market to the listing.

As a buyer working with our team you will be given exclusive access to a collection of private exclusive and coming soon properties that are not listed on the open market and StreetEasy. In a competitive and fast paced market being able to see listings and tour properties before they hit the market is a distinct advantage.

Are you interested in listing your home as a Compass Private Exclusive? Reach out to the Columbia Vitolo Team at Compass and we would be happy to walk you through the benefits.

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